Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Confederate Historical Trek

Today, John decided to dress up in his generic 1863 Confederate infantry impression, and go out on a historical trek, following the footsteps of those thousands of Confederate soldiers. The air was crisp at an 32 degrees with some drizzle. Following the road back from Monterey Pass to near Fairfield Gap was nice.  From there, he turned around and sloshed through the roadway. Areas washed out, others very rocky. Even in one section water laid upon it several inches deep. As each area past, he thought of all of those first hand accounts that described how bad the road was when thousands of Confederate marched upon it on July 5-6, 1863. The trek took about a little over one hour to do.

Sunken remains of the old Maria Furnace Road.
As you can see, water is flowing right through the center of the roadbed. 
Here John is along side of Maria Furnace Road. 
You can see the extent of the damage already caused by erosion.
If you look closely to behind John, you'll see the amount of water laying on top of the road. By the end of this week, it'll be flooded out again since they are calling for another round of rain. 
John is now located in the area where living history programs will be conducted along Maria Furnace Road. 

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