Who We Are

The Monterey Pass Battlefield Institute supports the Monterey Pass Battlefield Park and Museum mission statements and the Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc through interpretation, living history and education programming. We are also the organization that interprets the battlefield and museum along with the creation of museum exhibits.

We are also historical interpreters (known as the Cornstalk Mess) and living historians for the Monterey Pass Battlefield Park. As part of the Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. our main goal is to educate the public, striving for an authentic portrayal of the common Civil War soldier and civilian of the Cumberland Valley. We also research other important aspects of history as it occurred at Monterey Pass including Colonial life during the 1700's.

Meet Our Staff:

John A. Miller, Lead Interpreter 

Alicia D. Miller, Interpreter 
Darwin Seiler, Interpreter
Meghan Kaylor, Interpreter
Marshall Miller, Interpreter
Linda Männik-RichtersInterpreter
Mike Kwolek - Interpreter

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