Saturday, March 15, 2014

30th Virginia Infantry Impression at Antietam

It's the start of the 2014 interpretive season and Antietam NPS was the first on the list. I did a generic solider of the 30th Virginia Infantry who fought in the West Woods by the Dunker Church. I talked with the public about the average Confederate soldier and what he carried on during the Maryland Campaign. During the Battle of Antietam, the 30th Virginia Infantry lost more than 68% of its men and the brigade commanded by Colonel Van Manning with the three other regiments lost 77 killed, 387 wounded and 41 missing.

I am wearing the standard Richmond Depot jacket trimmed with black tape on the cuffs, collar and shoulder straps, with Virginia buttons. The kepi and trousers are of the Richmond Depot pattern.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Late 1864 Winter 1865 Confederate Impression

 I have decided to put together a very late war Confederate impression. This impression consists of a full kersey uniform. The kepi is a Richmond Depot, the jacket is the blue trimmed Peter Tait with script "I" buttons and the trousers are patterned from the Richmond Depot.

I am wearing a full set of English accouterments with the exception of the cartridge box. I also wear the painted haversack and carry a tin canteen.

The knapsack is the Isaac Campbell and is packed with my personal belongings. Attached is a boiler which replaces my tin cup and tin plate.