Saturday, October 29, 2016

Our 1st Annual Hiking Thorugh History Program

Our site Director John A. Miller designed a program similar to that of what he did when he was a historian at South Mountain State Battlefield. The program simply called "Hiking Through History" allows outdoors enthusiasts to take in the nature, beauty and history. The program isn't a tour, but rather it's a hike that breaks down the different time periods of what occurred without bogging the hiker down with a ton of facts. The program at Monterey Pass did just that. We covered history of our park from 1747 to 1945. And yet some of the landmarks at our park were formed over a period of millions of years ago such as Monterey Peak. The tour itself covered about three miles of trails in our park and it was the first time that many outdoors enthusiasts were able to explore the park in whole. It also is a great way of exercising as hiking through the woods is good for the mind and body.  

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