Monday, February 22, 2016

Monterey Pass Battlefield Park Historical Trek

Historical trekking seems to be very popular among living historians. So today, I decided that after my meeting at the museum, I would go for a trek onto the park. I figured this would be a great way to see what's going on with the park itself and determine where problems might be since we have had all this rain and snow melt. Plus, the weather was cool, sunny and besides, it's great exercise when trekking in the woods. I dressed in my 18 Century gear and went out for a hike along the historic wagon road that was established in 1747 through our neck of the woods. 

The path that I am looking toward is the Monterey Pass Peak Trail. This trail will access the mountain peak which overlooks Blue Ridge Summit. This trail is over a half mile long. The area where I am standing will become Program Site No. 4. 
This is Maria Furnace Road which saw fighting during the Civil War. It also is the great wagon road in which Fairfield and Gettysburg were founded upon. During the month of February (2016), members of the Friends of the Monterey Pass Battlefield, Inc. removed several fallen trees which opened the trail up. 
This is where our property ends and private property begins. But it was nice to see areas of the roadbed still with a little snow cover to it. This is near Fairfield Gap. 
After almost two hours of walking through the woods, it was just nice to be able to get out and enjoy nature, our history and think about where things should be laid out for the future of the Monterey Pass Battlefield Park.

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