Saturday, March 19, 2016

Park Layout

After one year since the battlefield park land was preserved, this map here shows the final product of the trail system. We wanted to be able to allow visitors to see the battlefield as well as the natural landscape within the park itself. We have the Billy Yank Trail which begins at the museum. From there, it moves across Charmian Road to Rolando Woods Lions Club Park. It enters the actual park where the visitor will see first hand the Union right flank and the main battle line. The Billy Yank Trail leads into the Johnny Reb Trail. 

The Johnny Reb Trail will lead visitors to the Maria Furnace Road Trail. This trail tells the story of the road itself as well as the Confederate retreat from Gettysburg. It will remain in a natural state to allow visitors to experience what it was like for those Confederate and Union soldiers who marched upon it. 

The Monterey Peak Trail will be opened last. This trail will take you up to the historic peak that was made popular during the Resort Era and overlooks Blue Ridge Summit and points east. 

A total of four Program sites are included into this plan. This is where programs will begin or where living history events will be held. 

There are several interpretive themes that will go into the interpretation of the park. 
  1. The Battle of Monterey Pass
  2. The Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg
  3. The Union Pursuit Through Monterey Pass
  4. Before Gettysburg
  5. South Mountain History
  6. Maria Furnace Road

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