Friday, February 17, 2012

Example of a Confederate Mid-war Impression

Several years ago using artifacts that were found at Monterey Pass, I redid my midwar impression. The majority of General Lee’s infantry marched through Monterey Pass during the Confederate withdrawal from Pennsylvania. Several artifacts were found at the site that was Confederate manufactured. Smallest items from buttons and buckles were taken into consideration when I redeveloped my midwar impression.

I am wearing a Richmond Depot Type II jacket made from cassimere that features the flat or coined brass buttons. Several of these buttons were dug at Monterey Pass along with Block I and a few state seals such as Virginia and Texas. The trousers are also of the Richmond Depot pattern and are made from jeans-cloth. I wear a cotton shirt under the jacket as well as cotton underwear with cotton socks. The kepi is made from Kersey an imported cloth from England. My shoes are a civilian pattern work boot.

To show the spoils of a Confederate soldier in Pennsylvania, I have a coverlet wrapped around me in the form of a blanket roll as well as a double bag knapsack contains food, personal items and spare clothing including a military issue blanket. I have a tin canteen with a leather strap, tin cup and a haversack full of rations taken from the countryside.

My leather equipment consists of a leather belt with a Georgia frame buckle attached. There have been several Confederate buckles found at Monterey Pass and along the retreat route including several CS general services spoon and wreath buckles, a Virginia style CSA square buckle and other Georgia frame, and roller buckles. I carry a British Enfield Rifle with a Richmond Depot manufactured cartridge box and cap pouch.

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