Monday, February 13, 2012

Example of the North Carolina Impression for the Maryland Campaign

This is one of my North Carolina Maryland Campaign impressions that I do at South Mountain State Battlefield and Antietam National Battlefield. Keep in mind that this uniform would be tattered showing the effects of hard campaigning in Virginia. This is a modified North Carolina State issued sack coat trimmed with black epaulettes that was issued after February of 1862 during the transition to the shell jacket. The cut is a few inches shorter in length and features six NC buttons. In the slashed pocket, you can see a wallet which holds some C-notes and letters. The trousers are also matching to the jacket with a black one inch strip running down the seam. The kepi is also matching. I have a cotton shirt underneath the jacket along with cotton under drawers, and cotton socks. The boots are a civilian work boot.

The equipment that I carry consists of a blanket roll which holds a few personal items including a pair of socks and extra shirt. I carry a tin canteen, painted haversack to carry my rations. I have an 1861 Springfield Musket with matching accouterments consisting of a cartridge box, cap pouch and bayonet with scabbard. Holding the accouterments is a roller buckle attached to belt made from bridle leather.

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