Monday, February 20, 2012

Late War Army of South Western Virginia – Echols’ Brigade

The Army of South Western Virginia was a Confederate army under the command of General John C. Breckinridge in 1864. This army fought at New Market in May of 1864, Cold Harbor and participated in General Jubal Early’s Maryland Campaign. For this impression we have decided to portray the 22nd Virginia Infantry under the command of Colonel George Patton at Winchester where he received his mortal wounding.

These living historians are wearing the Richmond Depot Type III jacket which is made from English kersey. Both living historians are wearing Richmond Depot Trousers made from jeans-cloth. One is wearing a kepi made from jeans-cloth while the other is wearing a kepi made from kersey. Both are wearing cotton shirts, underdrawers and cotton sock. The interpreter on the left is wearing the standard Jefferson Bootie while the one of the right wears the civilian work boot.

The equipment that both carry is somewhat different. The one on the left chooses to wear the blanket roll with all of his personal items wrapped up while the one on the right wears the English knapsack with his blanket, ground cloth and personal items stored inside. Both carry their cartridges in a Richmond Depot issued box and both carry a cap pouch. The interpreter on the right wears a civilian style leather belt with a roller buckle while the one on the right is wearing a British trouser belt. Both carry a British Enfield musket. Both carry a painted haversack containing their rations. The one of the left is carrying a Federal canteen while the one on the right is carrying a canteen made from tin.

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