Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The 23rd New York State National Guard Impression

The 23 New York State National Guard has an interesting story to tell just like the other regiments that served in Franklin County after the Battle of Gettysburg. Working on the uniform jacket for about a week, it has been completed. This impression will also work for the 13th New York State National Guard. Just switch out the hat brass numbers. Our battlefield can interpret the 8th, New York S.N.G., the 22nd New York S.N.G., the 13th New York S.N.G. and the 23rd New York S.N.G.

Aside from the jacket, trousers and hat that are gray with black trim, I am wearing the basic Union accouterments that are modified. The breast plate has been replaced with an oval plate. The buckle is the standard NG buckle. The 23rd NYSNG during the 1863 Campaign was issued the hardpack knapsack. 

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