Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Making a New York State National Guard Fatigue Jacket, Part 3

Part three of this posting deals with the one hour of work putting the wool sleeve pieces together. 

Placing the shoulder board into the sleeve, pin it where it needs to be. Carefully sew the wool sleeve and wool body together. 
When finished, your shoulder board should look like this.
The jacket is coming together nicely and the hardest part of the project is almost over. Once you have sewn the pieces together, whipped stitch the liner in place. The jacket should have a nice tight fit under the armpits. 
The 23rd New York S.N.G. since wearing gray jackets, wrote about how they cut white cloth into a cross and sewn it to the breast area of the jacket. They did this as to not be confused as those soldiers of the Confederate army. This can be made from any material.I whipped stitched the cross on the left breast of the jacket. 

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