Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Grades 6-8 Worksheets for the Tools of a Civil War Soldier Program

With the 2016 season coming up quickly at Monterey Pass Battlefield, our staff here at the institute have been hard at work. We have lots of education programs and tools that are in the works. We have two versions of the Official Monterey Pass Battlefield Park and Museum Junior Ranger books that are going into production. We just need to design the patch to go with it. We also have the Worksheet for the Tools of a Civil War Soldier program finished up. This will help children identify certain equipment that was used and examples of the uniform that Civil War soldiers wore in 1863.

Children will read the front page after the program to gain knowledge of what life was like for a Civil War soldier.  

Here, we have a typical Union soldier. The equipment he wears is fully marked with information regarding to what he was issued. 

Here, we have a Union soldier wearing a shell jacket. 

The fatigue uniform of the Union soldier.

The New York State National Guard was all over Franklin County during the Pennsylvania Campaign. 

A typical Confederate soldier.

Another version of a Confederate soldier.

The questions that students are to answer after the presentation and after reading this booklet.

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