Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cumberland County (Now Franklin County) Revolutionary War Militia

Commanding Officers:
Col. Abraham Smith

Commanding Officers:
Lt. Col. James Johnson
Township (if known)CompanyCompany
Washington Township1st Company:
  • Capt. Samuel Royar
5th Company:
  • Capt. John Stitt
Antrim Township2nd Company:
  • Capt. John Jack
6th Company:
  • Capt. Thomas Johnston
Antrim Township3rd Company:
  • Capt. James Poe
7th Company:
  • Capt. John Woods
Guilford Township4th Company:
  • Capt. William Long
4th Company:
  • Capt. Conrad Snider
Guilford Township5th Company:
  • Capt. James Young
8th Company:
  • Capt. James Young
  • Capt. Terence Campbell
Antrim6th Company:
  • Capt. Elias Davis
3rd Company:
  • Capt. William Berryhill
Washington Township7th Company:
  • Capt. William Finley
1st Company:
  • Capt. Daniel Clapsadler
Antrim Township8th Company:
  • Capt. John Ray (Rea)
2nd Company:
  • Capt. John Rea (Ray)
The "Act to Regulate the Militia of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" passed 17 March 1777, and the the subsequent Militia Act passed March 20, 1780, together with their amendments, required all white men between the ages of 18 and 53 capable of bearing arms to serve two months of militia duty on a rotating basis. 

Please Note:
Washington Township Founded: 1779
Franklin County, PA Founded: 1784
Waynesboro, PA Laid Out: 1797

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