Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 22nd New York State National Guard

The 22nd New York State National Guard in 1861-1862 had adopted their fatigue uniform from that of the standard Union soldier. The fatigue blouse and trousers were army issue. Their weapons were imported from England and were the Enfield rifle with saber bayonet. With regards to headdress, many soldiers of the 22nd New York National Guard chose to wear the french style kepi that was issued for their dress uniform or a Federal forage cap. Leather gear was that of black leather which included the cartridge box, cap pouch and leather belt. They wore the oval style SNY buckle/Cartridge box buckle or a square militia plate.  The knapsack was the standard style double bag as worn by many Union soldiers. The flap side had four pieces of wood to create a hard shell.

Check out the Liberty Rifles website. Paul A. Boccadoro wrote a really cool article dealing with knapsacks Stud Covers and Scalloped Shoulder Strap Ends on Early Federal Knapsacks which deals with the 22nd New York State National Guard.

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