Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Making the Simple, but Period Correct Gourd Canteen

One of the easiest projects one can do is make themselves a gourd canteen. It takes us about one week to make, that is , working on them an hour or two here and there during the week. Gourd canteens will work for the French and Indian War to the Civil War as a good all around way of transporting water and keeping it with you.

Battery operated drill
Drill bore bit
BB's/small stones
Clear coating for the outside of the gourd
Cotton twill strap 36-50 inches long
Needle and thread
Cork stopper

After you select your gourd, easily break off the stem.
Using a low power battery drill with a bore bit (Size 1/2 to 3/4) easily drill into the top of the gourd. Once you're finished dump out the contents inside of the gourd. From there add bb's or small stones to the inside and swish them around getting all of the membranes of the wall out. The stones or bb's are to help basically sand the inside down while getting all of the yucky stuff out. After you're finished with that, boil beeswax in a pan. After the beeswax becomes a liquid, pour the wax into the gourd and quickly swish it around. Repeat a few times as needed. Once you're sure that all of the areas are covered in wax, sew on the cotton straps. Use a clear coating and paint the outside of the gourd. Add your cork to the top and your canteen is ready to use. 
The finished product. 

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