Friday, December 4, 2015

1760 Period Clothing Guidelines

While, we stress that authenticity is just as important as the research that goes into building an impression, we do have some basic clothing requirements. We strive for the portrayal of the average Colonial civilian and to do so, there has to be a minimal set of standards. While, we completely understand that authentically made clothing is expensive, we are willing to help you to obtain the most authentic clothing and equipment that is needed. Remember, that our battlefield is a Civil War time period place and most of our interpretation is directed to that era...but...that wasn't the only historical event to take place at Monterey Pass.

Waist Coat: One never was seen in the public eye without a wait coat. They should be hand stitched and can be made from linen, cotton or wool. 

Shirt: Hand stitched very loose fitting shirt made of plain or checkered material such as cotton, linen, and wool. Bone buttons would be common. 

Breeches: These should fit snug against the body and can be made of wool, cotton or linen and should be hand stitched. 

Jacket: Hand finished, well-fit and made of broadcloth, linen, heavy cotton or similar woolen cloth. Sleeved waistcoats are acceptable as an outer garment.

Stockings: Wool yarn or worsted stockings or socks.

Shoes: Civilian black leather buckled shoe.

Underclothing: Plain white cotton made to be worn under the outer garments

Headwear: A proper three fold (tricorn) wool felt hat, workers stocking hat hand stitched and for color weather a knitted workers hat. Round blocked wool-felt round hat.

Belting: Leather in natural or tanned brass buckle or iron buckle. 

Neckwear: Silk, linen, or cotton neckerchiefs.

Accouterments: For those carrying a rifled musket or smoothbore musket, one can carry a possibilities bag, shooting bag and powder horn. Remember, we are not portraying a military group as there was no military action at Monterey Pass. However, travelers could have encamped at Monterey Pass on the Great Wagon Road. Hatchet or tomahawk would be allowed as these were important tools to carry. Market bag would be great to carry as well as a blanket roll. 

Camping: A blanket of natural white color would be great, no Civil War blankets or blankets with loud colors. Oilcloth blanket and maybe an oilcloth fly. We would ask those to really shy away from the canvas A-frame tents. 

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