Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Road to Appalachia Program

We did a small program for the Monterey Pass Battlefield that was a bit different and outside of our norm. But as interpreters, we wanted to explore different avenues to see if we could attract a totally different venue of people. Although, a very low attendance, we were happy to do some scheduled programs that we down graded to dry runs or informal tours/talks. The one thing that we learned, was Monterey Pass, although a Civil War battlefield, has just as much 1700's history behind it. During the research sessions leading up to the event, Monterey Pass was a hub of activity from a few Indian Raids to immigrants migrating to Appalachia. We will keep building upon this program tying our site into the larger Franklin County history along those historical sites such as Pine Grove Furnace, Fort Loudon, and other related sites.

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