Sunday, September 20, 2015

Junior Historian Program

The Monterey Pass Battlefield Institution has been hard at work designing a junior ranger program that is being called Park Quest. Park Quest is a Junior Historian Program that is designed to be engaging with kids and their families. We have broken them down into two categories. The first is ages 6-8 and the second is ages 9-12. We can't wait until next year when these become available for free. 

The ages 6-8 will take the younger children on a scavenger hunt through the museum and museum grounds where they can play museum bingo and still answer questions related to what they saw in the museum. The scavenger hunt will take them outside to find six items within the museum grounds. A word find puzzle will help them to learn more about the basic battlefield itself and what took place at Monterey Pass. There is even a maze where they will have to take an army from Gettysburg to Williamsport for safety.

An insert of what type of activities the children ages 6-8 will have to complete in order to receive a badge
The next is for the older children. Starting out with the museum, the family will have to walk a little bit of the actual battlefield ground in order to answer some of the questions. The answers will be located on several interpretive panels. 

After the booklet is completed, the children will receive a badge as well as a certificate that is located on the last page of the booklet. 

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