Monday, August 31, 2015

JR Historian Program

This year, our Director of Operations John A. Miller has been working on developing a Jr. Historian Program similar to the Jr Ranger programs you find at Gettysburg, Antietam and Monocacy National Battlefields. The Monterey Pass program will simply be a history quest to encourage kids and their families to explore the battlefield that makes up Monterey Pass.  

The program will be broken down into several sections. The first will concentrate on the actual museum, battlefield park, and driving tour. Each sections has a number of questions where children will be asked to fill in the blanks or multiple choice. Aside from questions that children will answer, there is a word find, crossword puzzle and several matching puzzles. 

This is all part of our "Parks are for People" initiative in order to get all children and their families outside and learn about history in a fun way. It is our hope that once the battlefield land is opened to the public we can begin to launch this new program. At the end of the program and all of the questions are completed, we hope to be able to give out some sort of patch or badge to those participants. 

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