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The 7th New York State National Guard Fatigue Uniform

Fatigue Jacket.

Of gray cloth (Same as the coat), single-breasted, standing collar; nine large N.G. buttons on the front, the collar to meet and be hooked with two hook and eyes, and to be framed with a single stripe of black mohair binding, five-sixteenths of an inch wide (Herrington-bone pattern); black cloth shoulder strap, two inches wide, rounded at the top, to be sewed in the sleeve head, and extended to the collar, with small N.G. button sewn on the shoulder, to button through the strap; sleeves without cuffs; a black cloth strap, six and one-half inches long, and one and five-eighth inches wide, to be placed in the middle of the upper sleeve, commencing at the bottom, with three small N.G. buttons placed in the center and at equal distance apart; a black cloth strap, one half of an inch wide, and line with leather, to be placed on each hip to support waist belt, to be buttoned with small N.G. button.


Gray cloth (same as coat), cut straight, with a strip of black cloth, one and one half inches wide; the black edge of which to touch the outside seam.
For Summer, - White duck, cut straight.


Fatigue Jacket.- Of black silk binding, five-eighths of an inch wide, cushioned upon gray cloth, to show one-eighth of an inch of gray between the binding.

Fatigue Cap.

Gray cloth body, with black band; sunken tip, four and three-quarter inches in diameter; height at the back, six inches, including band, and two inches in front; black worsted braid round the band, tip and up quarters; plain double japanned solid leather visor, without binding, one and three-eighth inches in depth; elastic chin-strap and N.G. buttons at side; three-quarters of an inch gilt figure 7 in front; silk glaze cover, with button-holes.

For Fatigue.

Belt.- Black enameled leather, two inches wide; brass plate (with French Fastening) two and one-quarter inches long and two and one-half inches wide, corners cut off, with Company designation engraved in black figure, one and one-half inches long.

Cartridge-Box. – Body plain leather, six and one-quarter inches long, one and one-quarter inches wide, and three inches high, curved to fit hip, inside flap patent leather, with ends, patent leather outside flap, six and one-half by seen and three-quarter inches, with corners cut off; enameled leather back strap, two and three-quarter inches wide and two inches deep, to run on belt; tin cartridge-box, with partition; brass cipher letters N.G., with raised figure 7 on center, two inches long and two and one-half inches wide, to be placed on the flap.

Bayonet Scabbard.- To be eighteen inches long, with brass tip and enameled leather throg.

Cap-Box.- U.S. Pattern, with patent leather flap.


To be made of black enameled leather, sixteen inches wide, twelve and one-half inches high, and three and three-quarter inches deep; the corners to be bound with the same leather; the inside flaps to be of black glazed twilled muslin; two plain black leather straps to be fastened at the inside top of knapsack, one and one-quarter inches wide, to be buckled at bottom; shoulder straps of the same width to be fastened at center of inside knapsack by four copper rivets; the upper portion of the shoulder straps to be fifteen inches long, with two holes to receive brass stud; the right lower strap to be fourteen inches long, to fasten at the bottom with buckle; he breast strap to be seventeen inches long and three-quarters of an inch wide, to fasten on each end by brass stud, and connect in the center by buckle; three straps on top of knapsack, three-quarters of an inch wide, to buckle around the overcoat when rolled; a white painted number 7 on the outside, three and one half inches in length.


Enameled leather, twelve inches long, ten inches deep, two and one-half inches wide, with welting in seams; corners rounded; rounded flat to ditto, bound with black roan, with five-eighths of an inch strap and buckle; five inches deep; white muslin bag inside; plain leather shoulder strap, four to four and one-half feet long, one and one-quarter inches wide, with black japanned roller buckle.


The caps are not to be worn on one side, but are to be placed even on the men's heads, and brought well down upon the forehead.

The bayonet scabbard and cartridge box should be placed so as not to be seen in front and entirely free from contact with the arms.

The top of the knapsack is to be in line with the bottom of the collar of the coat. In marching order, the overcoat is to be rolled and secured on the top of the knapsack, with straps placed there for that purpose.

When the men are provided with blankets, they will be folded square and placed under the outer straps of the knapsack.

The Manual of the Seventh Regiment, National Guard, S.N.Y.
Published in 1868

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