Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 2nd Virginia Cavalry Impression for the Maryland Campaign

I thought that I would bring out an old impression that hasn’t been used in a while. A few years back, I used to do a cavalry impression at Crampton's Gap. With all the musuem renovations, I stopped using this impression and eventually pulled the tape off the jacket for use in other education programs.

This impression is for the 2nd Virginia Cavalry that fought at Jefferson Pass on the Catoctin Mountain on September 13th, 1862 and then at Crampton’s Gap on South Mountain a day later. The uniforms for a cavalryman during this period were not as different as compared to the infantryman. The commutation system, the depot system as well as state issued uniforms were all being used to issue uniforms to the soldiers in the field. The commutation system during the period was already being phased out in favor of the depot system.

This trooper is wearing a Richmond Depot type II jacket in which yellow tape has been applied to the collar and shoulder epaulettes by the trooper. The Richmond Depot type II was a jacket that was issued without trim and often made from cassimere or satinett. The buttons on this jacket are the basic coin style.

The trousers are the Richmond Depot style made from jeans-cloth and feature bone buttons. The kepi is also a Richmond Depot. The undergarments are made from cotton including the civilian style shirt. The Jefferson bootie is worn over cotton socks.

The equipment for this trooper is for dismounted troopers only as the horse equipment will be covered later in another posting. A (Union) saber belt is worn with a leather holster, cap pouch and carbine cartridge box. The carbine that this trooper supports is the Smith Carbine artillery model. The revolver is a Colt 1860 Army and although dismounted and for interpretive purposes the heavy model 1840 cavalry saber known as the “wrist breaker” hangs from the saber belt.

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