Thursday, September 8, 2011

Generic Early War Union Impression

This is my generic early war Union soldier impression. I am wearing the model 1858 forage hat which was issued for fatigue duty. I am also wearing the regulation nine button frock coat which was used for dress parade; picket duty and other non-fatigue duties. The trousers are the JT Martin style made from sky-blue kersey. I am also wearing not shown, the gray domet flannel regulation shirt. To reflect the hard campaigning season, I choose to wear a civilian style shoe that may have been purchased in Frederick.

My equipment consist of a model 1858 cartridge box with tins and tools for the musket inside the tool pouch, a cap pouch, bayonet and scabbard attached to an early war style belt and buckle. The haversack is loaded with rations and hanging on top if the haversack is the canteen. I am also wearing a knapsack that carries my blanket, gum blanket and one shelter half with a change of clothes and other small personal items. I am also carrying the Springfield model 1855.

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