Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Generic Confederate Soldier Impression

This is our new generic Confederate soldier’s impression. This impression is as generic as one can get in my opinion. The 4 button jacket is made from a very light colored gray jeans-cloth material and features four wooden buttons with a slash pocket. This jacket is in my opinion very under represented among various Civil War re-enactors. With the jacket is a Richmond Depot kepi made from English kersey and Richmond Depot trousers made from tan jeans-cloth material. Included, but not shown is the civilian style shirt made from a heavy cotton material in the yellow checkered pattern.

The accouterments include a bayonet scabbard, a 58 cal. Richmond Depot cartridge box with a cap pouch suspended by a leather belt that uses the “Egg shaped” CS buckle. The canteen is made from tin suspended by a leather strap and a haversack full of rations is placed over the English knapsack that contains spare clothing and ground cloth with a blanket. The rifle is a 58 cal. Springfield.

This impression is great for Army of Northern Virginia as well as some of the units that served out in Tennessee. I've seen photographs of many Confederate soldiers wearing a jacket simular to the one being worn in early war to reading accounts of these jackets in the mid to late war.

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