Monday, May 29, 2017

Interpretative Markers At Monterey Pass

We have been busy installing several markers. We are happy to say, we're at the half way point of installation.

All the red squares represent the markers currently installed. 
This is what is left to install.

This marker overlooks the site of the bridge where Col. Russel Alger of the 5th Michigan Cavalry charged and filed to the left. 

There's several markers located along Maria Furnace Road Trail that talks about the history of the road to the Civil War battle itself. 

Trail names were picked to reflect a retro-style theme from the formation of the state parks. For example, Billy Yank Trail was named for the area where the Union cavalry fought. The Johnny Reb Trail takes you down to the Maria Furnace Road Trail to where the Confederates were located.  

Four program sites have been created as gathering points and living history and programming stations. 

Telling the story of the Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg and the Union Pursuit from Gettysburg is very important to tell. 

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